Agrokor employees are the key to success in all business segments




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Agrokor is one of the most desirable employers in Croatia and the region

Agrokor is recognized as individually and professionally stimulating business environment, which provides many career development opportunities to its employees, provided that they are willing and able to respond to the demands and dynamics of business, as well as dedicated to the work, personal development and the company's mission.

Selection procedure

The personnel selection procedure involves psychological and cognitive ability tests that provide an overview of personality characteristics as well as general skills and knowledge.

The key part of any selection process is a selection interview. During the interview, the employer evaluates the knowledge, experience, motivation, personality and communication skills of the candidates.

Continuous development

The individual development of our employees includes education systems, Agrokor Group Academies, the system of annual review and human resource and talent management as well as collaboration with the best institutions in the country and the world.

We are particularly proud of the Agrokor Group Academies