Waters, juices and soft drinks

Companies engaging in the production and marketing of waters and soft drinks are traditionally among the most successful businesses within The Agrokor Group.

Ice cream and frozen food products

Ledo d.d. and Frikom a.d. are regional leaders specialising in the manufacture, sales and distribution of ice cream and frozen food fronting this strong business segment of The Agrokor Group.

Oil, mayonnaise and margarine products

Edible oil business and related segments are important parts of the food industry and in The Agrokor Group these areas are covered by the Zagreb-based Company Zvijezda d.d. and Dijamant a.d. in Zrenjanin.

Meat and meat products

PIK Vrbovec and Belje, Croatia’s meat industry leaders, carefully follow modern production trends and consumer preferences, always remaining true to their rich tradition and heritage.


The Agrokor Group features a wide assortment of quality and premium wines of various appellations.


Enviable regional market share increases can be attributed to numerous investments and the company’s ability to quickly adjust to specific and always changing retail markets, combined with the use of best industry practices and well-developed marketing strategies.

Other segments

Dairy products, fruit, vegetables, salt and flour are only a small part of a motley collection of branded products offered by The Agrokor Group.