The tradition of food production in Belje d.d. spans over more than three centuries. "Delicatessen with a taste of tradition. Belje." is a slogan that best describes Belje’s smoke-dried meat delicacies.

Awards and recognitions


iTQi - International Taste and Quality Institute, Superior Taste Award 2010, Brussels

High grade for taste and quality for Baranja kulen


Protected Geographical Indication - Baranja kulen

Entering the register of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication, the name Baranjski kulen is protected and registered on EU level.



Baranja kulen

In accordance with traditional recipes of old experts from Baranja, a recognizable Croatian product is being made for decades – the Baranja kulen.

Baranja kulen is a superior smoke-dried product made from the finest parts of pork meat from Belje's pig farms along with other spices and carefully selected red peppers.

The skill and knowledge needed for preparation of kulen are passed down from generation to generation and this is why this superior autochthonous product is renowned for its home-made taste and scent.

The rich tradition of the product as well as the specific way of production, have almost ranked kulen as part of the national heritage. This is why, after many years of work, research and preparation of the documentation, in summer 2012 Baranja kulen was granted PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) logo, which shall certainly contribute to its better recognizability and provide new opportunities in placing it on the international market.

Baranjski kulen has EU Protected Geographical Indication.

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Smoked bacon

It has a distinguished taste and natural smoky aroma that is achieved by open fire smoke-drying, just as it has always been done on local farms and smokehouses in Slavonia and Baranja.

Home-made smoked bacon is a superior smoke-dried meat product of Belje. 

Baranja sausage

Baranja sausage is a dry meat sausage with a specific, domestic taste.
Traditional recipe , selected material and a specific production process guarantee pleasure in this sausage’s taste and quality.

Sliced kulen 

True delicacies are not to be consumed in large quantities, one is supposed to slowly enjoy them.
This applies for kulen, the pinnacle of a rich tradition of dry meat products from eastern Croatia, as well. A whole kulen is too big of a byte for many consumers, but this is no reason for them to give up on it, because Belje prepared a smaller 100 g packaging of sliced kulen, ready to be enjoyed immediately.


Kulenova seka

Kulenova seka and Baranja kulen have many similar characteristics, the most important being that they are hand-made from the finest cuts of pork and selected ground paprika that gives these delicacies a special and slightly piquant flavour. Kulenova seka is distinctive because of its size: when compared to kulen, it is longer and of smaller width, with narrow diameter. Kulenova seka is naturally smoked and matured in controlled conditions, and it is packed in a bag that preserves its freshness and flavour.

Baranja smoked sausage

This sausage is produced in a traditional manner from the finest cuts of meat and ground paprika. It is slightly smoked and ready for cooking or roasting.