For over 80 years, Dijamant a.d. has been making strong investments into quality raw goods and market communications as well as expanding its assortment in order to maintain the market leader position in Serbia.

Awards and recognitions


Qudal gold medal 2014/2015

Dijamant mayonnaise won the Qudal gold medal for quality in the category Mayonnaise based on the opinion of Serbian consumers.

“The best of Vojvodina”

The first food product in Serbia that carries this label. The champion in the product group at the Novi Sad Fair 2013

The gold medal at the Novi Sad Fair 2013

The key Dijamant assortment products are edible oils, vegetable fats, margarine, mayonnaise and deli products based on mayonnaise. The company is also active in the agricultural sector, particularly in the area of oilseed production, which includes the development of partnerships with agricultural producers, as well as the development of logistics coverage in order to purchase storage for oilseeds.

At the 85th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, the company DIJAMANT from Zrenjanin, for the eighth year in a row, won the most prestigious awards - Big Champion Cup for the top quality of Dijamant's products.

This year, for the eighth consecutive time, Dijamant edible oil was selected by customers as the most favourite product in the category. Recognizing of consumer needs and producing food by worldwide industra standards, shall remail the guiding principles of Dijamant's business.


Edible oil


Dijamant sunflower oil is the first food product in Serbia that carries the "Best of Vojvodina" label and it is the flagship product of the Dijamant company for 75 years.

Despite very strong competition in Serbia, where there are five major producers of oil and a large number of private brands, Diamond oil has retained its leading position in the domestic market with a share of 42 percent.

In recent years, Dijamant edible oil has been acknowledged as the "Favorite Edible Oil of Serbian Consumers".

Mayonnaise and sauces

In the mayonnaise category, the company is also a market leader in Serbia, with a 45% market share.

The unique mayonnaise, rich in taste and made of natural ingredients and fresh egg yolk is a favorite to many consumers for more than 30 years. Alongside the famous Classic mayonnaise, Dijamant mayonnaise, Light mayonnaise and Flavoured mayonnaise (Bacon, Chili and Onion) are an integral part of the Dijamant mayonnaise offer. On the foundations created by Dijamant mayonnaise, a line of sauces with modern packaging and recognizable design was launched on the market. Tartar, Mexicana, cezar and horseradish flavored sauces became an instant hit as food additives or delicious sandwich ingredients. New flavors will be introduced and they will be a treat for all connoisseurs.



Dijamant is a leader in the Serbian market with 52 percent market share. Observing consumer needs and health trends has resulted with a new recipe that includes no trans fatty acids adding new value to the favorite margarine of housewives in Serbia.Long tradition, trust in the company and permanent high quality of products are the main reasons why Dijamant margarines are so popular on the Serbian market.

Dobro jutro

First spreaded margarine produced in Serbian market, back in 1980 was Dobro jutro, a favorite product for many generations of customers. Dobro jutro became a family of spreaded margarines that today consists of Dobro jutro Milky, Diet, Light, Junior and Dobro jutro with butter. A natural source of essencial fat acids and vitamins, the lack of cholesterol and transfat acids are the factors that make Dobro jutro margarines highly valuable food from a nutritional perspective.


For true fans, ketchup is a favored and indispensable supplement to many dishes and sandwiches. The Dijamant ketchup line consists of mild, hot and pizza flavored ketchup.

It is produced from high quality tomatoes according to an improved recipe, which has immediately affected sales growth, as quality and taste are the most important features of a good ketchup.


Dijamant's assortment is richer for one new food condiment - Dijamant Mustard. It is a product of high quality adequate for various needs since it is being consumed by younger generations in fast food as well as traditional cooks who include it into receipes of their specials.

Vegetable preserves

Dijamant pickled cucumber, pepper, red beet, hot peppers and ajvar (relish) are produced from top quality carefully selected varieties of fresh raw materials. These preserves are of exceptional quality and exquisite taste, and are manufactured without preservatives.


Dijamant vinegar is made from top quality raw materials. The assortment includes apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar and white distilled vinegar.