By continuously investing in product quality, market communication and assortment adjustments, Frikom d.o.o. has conquered the market of Serbia, as witnessed by its excellent business results.

Awards and recognitions

PRODEKSPO 2014 – Moscow Food and Beverage Exhibition

The gold medal for Narandžica and silver medal for Parfe for innovative packaging design and practicality.

Ice creams

In accordance with its business policies of monitoring and anticipating changes in the market, Frikom d.o.o. is traditionally and successfully introducing new products in the ice cream segment and adapts to needs and demands of its customers. 

Brands such as King, Maximo and Macho are well known in Croatian market as well. Frikom intoduces new ice cream flavors each year and with its Maximo Extra Malina Cake that comes in a larger, 220 ml packaging it satisfies the needs of those consumers who want more ice cream.

In 2016 Frikom innovates its assortment by introducing Rumenko Smoothie, and ice cream containing 60% fruit which was the first of its Smoothie ice cream concept.

In that same year Jagodići, an authentic brand meant for children was created offering branded cartoons featuring Jagodići characters, sticker album and theater plays.

In the impulse ice cream category Kapri is the most recognizable brand. Even though its design changed with time, Kapri's quality and flavor have earned the consumers trust for more that 40 years that Kapri had been on the market. Besides the traditional stick ice cream form Kapri brand is also available in cup, cone and family ice-cream packaging. 

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Frozen food

Frikom d.o.o. has, as a leader in the frozen ready meals segment, achieved a 70% market share in the frozen fruits and vegetables category, while it also holds significant shares in the frozen pastry and fish categories. Frikom closely follows consumer habits and demands for healthy food and quality products and services.

In the wide assortment of products briquette vegetables stand out, while Frikom frozen vegetable mixes are also well known on the domestic market. Products are stored in modern packaging that guarantees preservation of quality and creates the brand’s visual identity. Products such as the Russian salad and "Đuveč" (vegetable stew mix) mixes have been successful on the market for over thirty years, but the new products such as the Royal and Provansa mixes have also found their consumers. 

The product range also comprises frozen pastry of various flavors made of selected and controlled top-quality ingredients. 

For a number of years Frikom d.o.o. has also been offering quality sea and freshwater fish and seafood products of strictly controlled origin. 


Frikom frozen doughs represent a combination of tradition and innovation. A wide range of various high quality tastes bring a whiff of warmth to customers' homes. Fast and simple preparation satisfies even the most demanding tastes. They may be main meal, snack or dessert, ideal for all occasions.