As an innovative and modern brand with small- and supermarket-format stores, IDEA is designed for everyday shopping.

Awards and recognitions

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Superbrands 2015/2016


Qudal 2016/2017


Best Buy Award 2015/2016

Superbrands 2012/2013

Best Buy Award 2013/2014

Always by your side

As an innovative and modern brand, IDEA is designed for everyday shopping. When it opened its first Belgrade store in 2005, IDEA launched major efforts to build its retail network, conquer the market, and develop good customer relations.  As a modern and innovative brand, IDEA features a select assortment and quality service that enable a large number of satisfied customers to enjoy quick and convenient shopping and delight their families with quality fresh products that arrive in the store every morning.


IDEA Organic

Consumers in Serbia like organic and healthy foods. For this exact reason, one of Mercator-S’s latest projects is the opening of three IDEA Organic stores in Belgrade. The broadest range of organic and healthy foods, nutritionist assistance while shopping, Fresh Square food-to-go products, and good prices for bulk foods are what makes IDEA Organic stores stand out above others.



The iconic Dorćol intersection on the corner of Kralja Petra and Cara Dušana streets saw retail turn into an art form. While identical retail chain stores pop up around the world, this neighbourhood got a quite unique one. IDEA Dorćol represents a new work of art and proof that retail can be more interesting, modern, innovative, and ultimately different. The store is decked with the Belgrade neighbourhood’s symbols, and all the visuals were designed by the famous Serbian designer Slavimir Stojanović Futro. If IDEA London is global and IDEA Dorćol is local, then IDEA Beograđanka is the city’s landmark. Belgrade has many stores, but none can compete with this one. That is why the store’s opening was supported by a special TV campaign that IDEA dedicated to Jelena, Una, Danka ... to all the ladies of Belgrade.



IDEA London, situated in a distinctive location well-known to all Belgraders, is a store that is in every sense different from all other retail outlets in the city. The unusual range of the best British products, the unique painted interior, the employees in uniforms designed by the famous Serbian designer, and the phone booth from London where customers can make free calls are just some of the curious details seen while shopping at this store.



Today's fast-paced life often leaves little time to go shopping and get everything that a household needs, from food items to other household necessities. That is why our company came out with the IDEA online store service as a great solution!

K Plus

For more than ten years, IDEA has been continuously working on developing its own store brand. In that time the company partnered up with domestic and foreign producers and managed to create top-quality products  that today include more than 2,000 items. K Plus is one of the most recognizable brands in Serbia, because it means quality products at very affordable prices. For this exact reason, according GFK’s 2015 research, the brand was voted Serbia’s favourite private label.

The store brand range is segmented in a way that effectively responds to all customer desires and needs, and in addition to K Plus, other brands were developed to include Ukusi moga kraja, Finesse, Dulcetti, Minute, Ocean, Lumpi, Olea, Natur, Dax ... and many others.

Today, we are pleased to be able to say that IDEA customers prefer K Plus products as world-class products at affordable prices.