Istrian Cheese Špin

Istrian Cheese Špin

Špin cheese, Istrian expertise!

Created by nature, nourished by tradition, spiced by Istria


Istrian Cheeses Špin bear a unique signature of the Istrian soil, drawing out the very best from the Istrian climate. The milk of the cows and sheep grazing on the Istrian land directly translates into the aroma and fragrance of Špin cheeses and makes them readily recognisable and irresistible. You will easily distinguish among various distinctive features of our cheese varieties. 

Experimenting with tradition and indigenous products, cheese is paired with truffles, wrapped  in walnut leaves, and the immersion of Istrian cheese in the teran grape pomace created a new must-try gourmet experience.

Istrian Cheeses Špin are semi-hard cow's milk, sheep's milk, and mixed milk cheese, cheese in teran pomace and cheese with truffles, with Gran Istriano being our only hard cheese. Agrolaguna also makes skuta- cow's and sheep's milk dry curd cottage cheese.

Agrolaguna does not skim fat from milk nor alter it with additives, which explains why the taste of Špin cheese is affected by seasonal pasture variations. 

Istrian Cow's Milk Cheese Špin made from whole milk belongs to the group of hard cheeses bordering semi-hard cheeses.

The taste of Istrian Mixed Milk Cheese Špin made from cow's milk with the addition of up to 30% of sheep's milk cheese is halfway between cow's and sheep's milk cheese.

Istrian Sheep's Milk Cheese Špin belongs to the group of hard full-fat cheeses with slightly more intense flavour than cow's milk cheese.

Istrian Truffle Cheese weds two important Istrian traditions – cheese production and truffle hunting. Made from milk and truffles from Istria with the same technology used in making Istrian cow's milk cheese and flavoured with black truffles (1%) and truffle-scented olive oil, this cheese is aged carefully.

Istrian Cheese in Teran Pomace is a hard full-fat cheese that aged in barrique casks full of red wine made from the indigenous grape variety teran. Wine gives the rind its purple-brown colouring, though the paste remains light yellow to yellow.

Istrian Cheese in Walnut Leaves is a hard full-fat cheese made from mixed cow's and sheep's milk and produced using the traditional pressing method. It is a sweetish cheese, endowed with  enjoyable walnut leaf bitterness, with distinctive scent.

Istrian Gran Istriano Cheese is a hard full-fat cutting cheese that becomes extra hard cheese suitable for grating when aged. It’s made from pasteurised full-fat cow's milk.

Istrian cow's milk dry curd cottage cheese –skuta is a soft, creamy delicate white cheese, once known as the poor man's cheese.

Istrian sheep's milk dry curd cottage cheese-–skuta is only slightly stronger than cow's milk curd cheese due to somewhat more piquant sheep's milk with a higher fat content. It leaves a buttery and delicately sweet finish in the mouth, a finish that lingers on and leaves you craving for more.

The farm estate Špin in the vicinity of the town of Poreč is part of the Istrian tourism supply. The tasting room is heaven for inquisitive foodies wishing to taste Istrian cheese and skuta, our dry curd cottage cheese. Visitors can also attend the specially organised cheese cooking classes or wine pairing workshops. To complete the cheese factory and the estate Špin, a Cheese Trail that takes visitors to the pastures surrounding the facilities was constructed in 2013.