Jamnica’s long tradition of bottling mineral water goes as far back as 1828.

Awards and recognitions


QUality meDAL (QUDAL) 2011/2012

Top Quality Medal


iTQi - International Taste and Quality Institute 2011

Superior Taste Award, Exceptional Product


Superbrands Awards

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Aqua Expo, Paris 2003

Eauscar Award - Best Carbonated Natural Mineral Water


Croatian Quality Mark since 1997

EU Recognitions

Jamnica is on the official EU list of bottled waters.

Jamnica mineral water is the oldest brand of Jamnica d.d. and one of Croatia’s oldest original products.


The very first bottles of Jamnička (as Jamnica was called at the time) turned up on grocery shelves back in 1828. 

According to multiple water analyses carried out between 1823 and present day, its chemical composition has remained unchanged. Recent analyses have also confirmed its beneficial effects on human health.

The earliest records of this unique cool water coming from deep underground enriched with refreshing bubbles were made by the Celts and in 1772 Empress Marie Therese put Jamnica on the registry of mineral waters of the imperial court in Vienna.