Jana non-carbonated natural mineral water was launched into the marketplace in 2002, revealing nature’s secret kept for 7,000 years in a natural well of St. Jana nestled among the hills of Sveta Jana at 800 meters beneath the surface of the ground.

Awards and recognitions


QUality meDAL (QUDAL) 2011/2012

Top Quality Medal

Trusted Brand 2012

Trusted Brand Award

bestbuy spring water.png

Best Buy Award 2010/2011

Best Quality-Price Ratio



Industrial Design of the Year Award won by Jana 5L


Superbrands Awards

2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010

ITQI-Superio tasteAward3-2006HR.png

iTQi - International Taste and Quality Institute, Superior Taste Award 2006, Brussels

Top Marks for Taste and Quality


EAUSCAR 2005 (Aqua Expo Paris)

Best Non-Carbonated Water


EAUSCAR 2004 (Aqua Expo Paris)

Jana Strawberry - Guava – Best Non-Carbonated Flavoured Water


Assurance of Jana’s quality and bottling process safety

EU Awards

Jana is on the official EU list of bottled waters.


EAUSCAR 2004 (Aqua Expo Paris)


Jana comes from an untouched source in the village of Sveta Jana. The natural setting of Sveta Jana, the way of life of the local people and the remoteness of industrial facilities have left this area unpolluted and clean. 

Jana has a perfectly balanced mineral content, ideal calcium and magnesium ratio (2:1) and naturally low sodium content. Jana is easily accessible at all times, as it comes in various bottle sizes.

Jana embodies the qualities of premium non-carbonated natural mineral water, which has been confirmed by a global nod to Jana’s immaculate purity and bottling process safety in the form of multiple international awards.