K Plus

K Plus

Konzum's private label program is enjoying the greatest popularity mainly because of best price and quality ratio.

Konzum K Plus

Konzum has successfully developed the K plus private brand program, enjoying the greatest popularity among the Croatian customers.

Konzum’s brand offer is segmented in a way that meets the wants and needs of customers through K plus brand and its sub-brands – Bebe, Kids, Olea, Dax, Era, Active, denotral, man Xtreme, Natur and Fresh&Pack, as well as brand extensions K Style and K Home.

Konzum has introduced 3,000 products from all categories into its stores under the K plus private label.

Croatian consumers absolutely prefer K Plus brand when it comes to the best ratio of price and quality, as shown by the Best Buy Award research on private label brands in the Republic of Croatia, conducted by GfK market research agency.


For almost 10 years IDEA has been continuously working on development of its private brands K Plus, Rial and Standard. During all this time the company, in cooperation with domestic producers, has succeeded in making top quality products, and today there are over 2,000 products in this product portfolio. According to researches of GFK agency, “K Plus” brand is one of the most recognizable brands in Serbia, and these are quality products with very acceptable prices.

Offer of IDEA private brand is so segmented to respond in a quality way to all the wishes and needs of customers, and through K Plus brand sub-brands such as Bebe, Kids, Olea, Dax, Era, Active, Denotral, Man Xtreme, Natur, Fresh&Pack, K Style and K Home were also being developed.

Today we can say with pleasure that IDEA customers prefer K Plus products as products of top quality and affordable price.  


By carefully keeping track with world trends as well as with the needs of consumers on local market, the product line “Tastes of My Region” emerged as part of the K Plus brand. This is a new line of traditional Serbian products, prepared according to original recipes characteristic for the region of Serbia and comes as a real surprise for all fans of the local, well-known taste.

“Tastes of My Region” are high quality products manufactured without additives, flavorings, preservatives and other supplements. The authenticity of these products is reflected in the way of preparation, which is based on respect for the traditional method of production and making.