Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia. With its 700 stores, it is present in three sales channels of general purpose goods: Konzum neighborhood stores, Konzum maxi stores designed for weekly grocery shopping and Super Konzum, the largest stores with the widest selection of products.


Konzum stores provide great service, pleasant shopping experience and the highest quality products at the most affordable prices.

The following features are particularly appealing: the fresh fruit and vegetable program, domestically produced meat of controlled origin, fish and seafood, bakery products and prepared meals. The total assortment of available products is dominated by 70% of Croatian products and this is Konzum's strategic orientation since it is a national chain.

Konzum super

Super Konzum is the largest format of stores with the biggest selection of available products.

Super Konzum shopping centers also include, apart from the Konzum store, florist shops, playrooms and various other services and stores of Konzum’s partners such as café bars, drug stores, banks, hair dresser salons and dry cleaners which all additionally enrich the overall offer of these retail sites.

Konzum will continue to expand its sales locations, primarily through the development of its largest format of stores.

Konzum benz

Within Konzum's additional services offered to customers are fully automated self service petrol stations that are open 24 hours a day.

Konzum benz brings its customers a whole range of advantages: first-class quality fuel that meets the EURO 5 fuel standard, most affordable prices in the market, completely automatic fueling process, acceptance of all forms of payments and the customer is given full control over the entire fueling and payment process thus making it faster and more efficient.

The goal of this project is to provide additional advantages for all Konzum customers and to practically combine several vital services in one location which is in accordance with most modern global retail trends.

Successful execution of Konzum benz project has confirmed that Konzum is not only a market leader, but also a leader in the segment of retail innovations and introduction of new services which are all aimed at creating added value for its customers.

Konzum logistics center

LDC Dalmatina in Dugopolje will significantly improve logistics processes and decrease costs of manipulating with goods, which will eventually lead to improvements in business operations and better business results in the future.

Apart from the logistics-distribution center LDC II in Žitnjak with total surface area of 52,257 m2, Agrokor and Konzum have opened another state of the art logistics-distribution center which is also the largest in the region and called LDC Dalmatina with a total surface area of 80,000 m2.

K Plus

Konzum has successfully developed the K plus private brand program, enjoying the greatest popularity among the Croatian customers.

Konzum’s brand offer is segmented in a way that meets the wants and needs of customers through K plus brand and its sub-brands – Bebe, Kids, Olea, Dax, Era, Active, denotral, man Xtreme, Natur and Fresh&Pack, as well as brand extensions K Style and K Home.

Konzum has introduced 3,000 products from all categories into its stores under the K plus private label.

Croatian consumers absolutely prefer K Plus brand when it comes to the best ratio of price and quality, as shown by the Best Buy Award research on private label brands in the Republic of Croatia, conducted by GfK market research agency.


Rial includes more than 700 products in all categories, except for fresh meat.

Rial is Konzum's private label designed for wholesale customers. It is constantly developed in order to provide quality at affordable prices.

More than 700 Rial private label products cover all significant food, fresh food and non - food categories. Rial private label includes many products designed for the gastronomy program.


Konzum klik

An important channel for Konzum's sales is the Internet store with almost 50,000 users, and the number of consumers recognizing the advantages and benefits of online shopping is growing. Since its beginning, the Internet store is continuously and rapidly developing, and in line with trends, Konzum has developed a mobile application as an easy way to buy all household products. Some of the benefits include finding nearby stores, review of discounted products and the purchase of all products needed in the household. 

Konzum klik's new website is much more user-friendly. The concept is committed to shopping speed, security and quality of delivered goods. The search engine enables simultaneous searching for several different items and also recognizes and differentiates between local dialects. One of the most interesting new functionalities is the notice sent to the customer prior to the delivery, featuring the photograph and name of the deliverer. Customers can create their own shopping lists or mark favorites, which provides for a faster and more efficient shopping, while in the process of searching for articles the system intuitively suggests possible complements. All items feature a high quality photo and a detailed description or partly even video material, providing the customer with complete information.


Dream Factory

Through the brand Dream Factory, Konzum wants to offer children and their parents the most popular toys in the world and provide a new way of entertainment. 

Dream Factory, a children's brand of cheerful and distinctive design, brings children's favorite cartoons on television screens and the world's best toys based on cartoons at newsstands and to other shops. Dream Factory offers a wide range of toys for the collection and exchange, albums and frames, plush toys and DVD movies world famous licenses.

All licensed toys with the logo and visual identity of this brand accompany the imagination, dreams and desires of children on their way to adulthood.