Ice creams, frozen pastry, frozen ready meals, frozen fish, frozen fruits and vegetables

In 2013, Ledo celebrated 55 years of successful business and definitely established itself as a strong market leader in Croatia as a result of a strong and extensive distribution network, building strong brands, continuous quality control and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Awards and recognitions

QUality meDAL (QUDAL) 2011/2012

For the highest level of quality for ice cream, ready meals and frozen food



Best packaging on the Croatian market - Ledo frozen ready meals



The most technically sound packaging – Grandissimo

The best ice cream in the world in 2013 (awarded by IICC)

Blueberry and white chocolate cake on a stick

The best commercial solution in 2013 (awarded by IICC)

Ledonardo 2013

najinovatiniji sladoled na svijetu 2012.png

The most innovative ice cream in the world in 2012 (awarded by IICC)

Vruća ljubav (Hot love)

najinovatiniji sladoled na svijetu 2011.png

The most innovative product in 2011 (awarded by IICC)

Chocolate cake on a stick

The best ice cream in 2011 (awarded by IICC)

King Truffles

The most innovative product in 2010 (awarded by IICC)

King Extra Amadeus

The most innovative impulse ice cream in 2007 (awarded by IICC)

Auto (Car) ice cream

bestbuy_award_croatia_ledo_sladoled 2014.png

Best Buy Award 2014/2015

The best price-quality ratio, ice cream in general

Ledo d.d. is the first and leading producer of industrial ice cream in Croatia, and the ice cream assortment can be separated into three groups: impulse, family (take home) and HoReCa sector ice cream.Ice creams

King ice creams are sweet adventure. Carefully chosen flavors offer the perfect experience for every palate. Whether you opt for the Classic, Double, Coconut or Panna Cotta Raspberry ice cream, you will surely satisfy your daily dose of sweets and delight your palate. King is the definitive king of flavors that rules the world of ice cream.

Macho is a high quality popsicle that offers enjoyment to generations of true ice cream fans in any occasion. Its creamy and unique filling is a true delight for those who know what great taste is. Ledo cone and Maximo are brands of ice cream in crispy cones that offer true enjoyment to all generations of consumers with their well known flavors.

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Smrznuto tijesto predstavlja skupinu čiji visokokvalitetni proizvodi, kroz svoje bogate i šarolike okuse, unose ugođaj tradicije i topline u svaki dom. Ledo tijesta već godinama svojim širokim asortimanom i jednostavnom pripremom otvaraju čitav niz različitih mogućnosti i ideja kojima će zadovoljiti sve ukuse.

Ready meals

Ready meals made of high quality ingredients with great nutritive value meet all consumer demands, while their practical and quick preparation are in step with today’s fast lifestyle of consumers.

Fish and meat

The Ledo fish brand has made it possible, with its simplicity and ease of preparation, as well as wide range of products, for fish to always be available as a shopping item. A high degree of control over the processing and freezing procedures ensures great quality and preservation of all nutritive values of Ledo fish.

Fruit and vegetables

Each meal is much easier to plan and prepare with products that are always available and intended for quick and various uses and needs