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PIK Vrbovec

Fresh meat, Hams, Mortadella, Pariser, sliced products, Dry salamis

PIK Hams, Mortadella, Dry salami, fresh meat, Piko Pariser and PIK sliced products are market leaders in their segment.

Awards and recognitions


Best Buy Award 2018/2019

Best price and quality ratio for PIK Hams with low fat content: Cooked Ham and Round Ham


Mom's Choice 2018

PIKO - proud owner of the "Mom's Choice" label, awarded based on consumer satisfaction research on a representative sample of Croatian mothers


Cropak 2018

Acknowledgement for the implementation of packaging solutions for PIK Maturo Steaks and Sausages for Cooking and Roasting


Best Buy Award 2016/2017

Best price and quality ratio for Golden Cooked Ham and Mortadella


European Business Award 2015/2016

European Business Award in the category: “The award for customer focus”


Voted Product of the Year 2016/2017

Consumer voted award for the PIK sliced products category



Acknowledgement for the implementation of packaging solutions for the PIK sliced products category

1. dlg 2009.png

DLG 2009

Gold medals for PIK Premier ham, PIKO and Frankfurters in natural casing


Superbrands acknowledgement in 2010

3. best buy 2010.png

Best Buy Award 2010/2011

Best price and quality ratio for dry cured ham, cooked ham, FINA ham, Premier ham and Mortadella


DLG 2011

Gold medals for PIK Mortadela and Panona salami

5. qudal 2012.png

QUality meDAL (QUDAL) 2012

For the highest level of quality for Ham, Prosciutto, Packed fresh meat and Mortadella

6. Qudal 2013.png

QUality meDAL (QUDAL) 2013

For the highest level of quality for Packed fresh meat, Mortadella, Pariser wurst and Kranjska sausage

PIK Vrbovec is the leading meat industry in Croatia and the region and is producing products under the brand PIK, as well as the selected range of products is produced under the brand Sljeme, a brand of the quality well known to the Croatian consumers.



Fresh meat

PIK Vrbovec is the leader in production and distribution of fresh meat. In early 2009, PIK launched packed fresh meat, thus offering consumers meat of certified quality and safety.

PIK Vrbovec, as the largest representative of the Croatian meat processing industry, was the first company to be included in the project "Meat from Croatian farms" initiated in 2011. by the Croatian Agricultural Agency with the aim to provide consumers with the information about the origin of meat.

Packed fresh pork meat has been labelled "Meat from Croatian farms" guaranteeing that the complete cycle, from breeding to production, takes place in Croatia.

volim rostilj crna.jpg

Volim roštilj

The The PIK Vrbovec grill program called “Volim roštilj” (I love barbecue) became an inevitable part of cheerful gatherings for the past few years. Top quality PIK grill products come packed in distinguished, modern black containers. Protective foil of “Volim roštilj” assortment allows easy opening and fast and simple preparation of favorite grill specialties. Recognizable PIK flavor and a wide offer of premium meat products will satisfy anyone who loves a barbecue.



PIK Hams include a wide variety of products made from pork leg, with different quality and processing, along with different packaging. PIK Hams are an exquisite delicacy for connoisseurs, which is especially true for PIK Ham Delicacy, PIK Ham Fina and PIK Roasted Ham.

PIK Cooked Ham and PIK Round Ham have low fat content that gives these hams an additional feature of a light, almost dietary meal for modern consumers or those who carefully select ingredients for their meals. They have outstanding attributes and superb quality, while the entire assortment combines traditional ham production with the most modern technological processes. PIK Hams are produced in controlled technological conditions where product traceability is assured and quality guaranteed.



PIK Mortadellas are prepared according to the traditional Italian recipe from selected raw materials of superior quality. Carefully selected aromas and special raw material processing, guarantee high quality that makes this product the queen of semi - durable sausages.

 PIK Mortadella is the best-selling and most famous mortadella on the Croatian market and apart from the classic Mortadella, PIK Vrbovec also produces Mortadella with green olives.



The combination of selected spices gives PIKO Pariser a mild flavor suitable for children and selective consumers. Along with the classic PIKO, you can also find PIKO with vegetables.

This exceptional Pariser is recognized today for its top quality and mild flavor making it a perfect ingredient of different sandwiches and salads.

PIK sliced products 

You can get the well-known PIK quality and the flavor of dry salamis, hams and other products sliced and packed in modern and practical packaging.

There are no differences in quality, freshness, color or flavor between the products packed in convenient packaging and the ones sliced at the delicacy department.

Dry sausages

In the category of dry salamis, PIK offers a wide range of products: Panona Salami, Panona with pepper, PIK Tea Salami, PIK Winter Salami, PIK Kulen Salami, Sandwich salami and Rustika.

Several flavors, from mild to spicy, will surely satisfy different consumer preferences. Especially interesting is Panona Salami due to the traditional recipe used in its production with whole pepper grains and garlic.

Sljeme (2).png


Key products for which Sljeme has always been known and dominant in the North West of Croatia are the famous Round Ham, Pizza Ham, Tea Salami and Tea Paté in Casing, a sufficient motive for these products to completely keep the recipe and the flavor of the Sljeme tradition.