Mladina cellar has a rich and long history and tradition of wine making and the most famous variety is certainly portugizac, young wine that has been produced in this wine-growing region for 150 years.

Awards and recognitions

Vinalies Internationales, Pariz, 2011

Traminac Gaj 2009

Terravino, Israel 2011

Gold medals for Traminac Gaj 2010

Priznanje Decanter, London 2010

Acknowledgement for POJ


Mladina cellar has a rich and long history and tradition of wine making because of count Erdody and his family who built it in 1736 in the Plešivica-Okić vineyards region. This area is, due to its configuration and climate, ideal for vineyards. Today’s excellent wines from Mladina cellar are produced on the foundations of heritage and experience created by the Erdody family and its successors.

The most renowned and successful sorts of this region are portugizac, sauvignon and traminac. For more than 150 years this wine region is the Croatian leader in production of portugizac, a true young wine – the Croatian Beaujolais. 

Today, the Gaj brand is recognized as a synonym for excellent wines such as Zlatni (Golden) Gaj sauvignon, an excellent semi-sweet wine of floral and fruit aromas as well as of rich and harmonious taste that is an ideal match with sweet dishes and desserts. 

Wines included in Gaj brand are Sauvignon Gaj, Traminac Gaj and Rajnski rizling Gaj.

Mladina cellar is a small boutique wine-cellar that received recognition of its tradition and love of wine making, which are reasons for its excellent wines, at numerous prestigious reviews and competitions both at home and abroad. The awards and acknowledgements from Paris and Monaco stand out above others.

The crown of every wine making process is a sparkling wine as it demands superior knowledge and care and Mladina proved its expertise once again by producing the excellent POJ sparkling wine that very quickly won over true connoisseurs. 

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