Super Kartica

Super Kartica

The loyalty program with a million members on the Serbian market.

Super Kartica is a loyalty program with a million users in the Serbian market and its partners are companies and retail chains: Mercator S, NIS Petrol, Gazprom, Sberbank Srbija, DDOR Novi Sad, Mastercard®, Galerija Podova, Intersport, Modiana, Beautique, Vip Mobile, BENU Apoteka i STIHL.

This is proof of the fact that Super Kartica gathers leading companies from leading industries whose services and products customers in Serbia use every month.

Super Kartica, the biggest loyalty program in the Serbian market, rewarded its loyal users with more than RSD 600 million of shopping value in 2016.

More than 60.000 users have chosen Super Kartica payment card that allows them to pay in monthly instalments and it also allows them to increase their savings up to three times. During 2016 Super Kartica payment card users have saved more than RSD 150 million. 

Besides the shopping vouchers, loyalty program users also had the option to choose one or more products from a thousand marked with “Super price with Super Kartica” and save additionally. 

In the future the focus will be on a systematic approach, pursuant to consumer needs and wishes while offering additional benefits and services with potentially new partners in the Serbian market.