Agrokor's wholesale brand

Velpro is a wholesale intended primarily for professional customers, such as restaurants, hotels, companies and public sector and a leading wholesaler in Croatia and Serbia.


Today there are 17 VELPRO locations throughout Croatia and more than 150 vehicles ensure adherence to most modern global distribution standards.  Along with quality of service, customers also receive access to a rich assortment of more than 10.000 products, that includes over 600 products of the Rial, Profiline and Profiline Exclusive private labels. VELPRO sells and distributes fresh food, fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, packed food, beverages, cosmetics, seasonal assortments, office supplies, electronics, as well as professional assortment for restaurants and hotels that make up a significant segment of the wholesale business. Quality of service at the leading Croatian wholesaler includes a modern online ordering system. Along with Internet orders, customers also have at their disposal specialized wholesale centers at certain locations in the form of VELUGO exhibition and sales showrooms.

The company offers professional service, continuous and dependable supply channel with free delivery, internet ordering, benefitial payment options and having attractive events in its wholesale centers.

Velpro is the leading national wholesale chain in the Serbian market. It has four modern wholesale centres that are tailored and organized to supply business customers. Velpro offers professional service and secure supply with the possibility of free delivery, online shopping, payment options, and interesting events within the wholesale centres whose network covers nearly the whole territory of Serbia. Understanding the needs of the market and growing in step with the times, in 2014 Velpro opened its modern HoReCa Centre, which is by nature primarily intended for foodservice providers.  Velpro is tailored to business customers and its range offers a slew of consumer goods, while the HoReCa Centre is primarily intended for catering establishments.

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