Belje Wines – Select line, Premium line and Goldberg Gold Select wines are produced from carefully selected grapes harvested by hand.

Awards and recognitions

Emiozioni dal mondo 2016.png

Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet Insieme 2016

Gold medals - Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2011 also declared Best Croatian wine


Decanter 2016

Bronze medal - Goldberg Graševina 2011


International Wine Challenge London 2016

Silver medal - Graševina premium wine 2012

mondial du merlot.jpg

Mondial du Merlot, Switzerland 2016

Silver medal - Merlot premium wine 2012


Monde Selection Bruxelles 2016

Gold medal - Graševina Goldberg 2006 Silver medal - Graševina Goldberg 2011


Chardonnay du Monde, France 2016

Silver medal - Chardonnay Goldberg 2006

mundus vini 2016.png

Mundus Vini 2016

Gold medal and declared the best red wine from Croatia - Cabernet Sauvignon premium wine 2009 Silver medals - Merlot premium wine 2012, Graševina premium 2015, Grasevina select 2015

Emozione dal mondo gold.jpg

Emozioni dal Mondo 2015

Gold medal for Goldberg Merlot 2012 and a special medal for the best Croatian wine selected by journalists for Cabernet Sauvignon 2009


Mundus vini 2015

Gold medal for Goldberg Graševina 2006 , gold medal for Goldberg Graševina 2011, silver medal for Goldberg Merlot 2012

Selections Canada Gold 2015.png

Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada 2015

Gold for Goldberg Graševina 2013 and Goldberg Merlot 2012.


16th VinAgora International Wine Competition

Gold medal for Goldberg Merlot 2012., silver medal for Goldberg Graševina 2013


DECANTER World Wine Awards, London 2015

silver medal for Goldberg Chardonnay 2006. and Graševina 2013 , bronce medal for Goldberg Graševinu 2014 and Premium Graševina 2014 , recommendation for Goldberg Graševina 2013, Premium Chardonnay 2006 and Goldberg Frankovka 2012


International Wine Challenge, London 2015

Bronze medal for Goldberg Graševina 2013 and Premium Graševina 2013, recognition for Premium Graševina 2013

Mundus vini gold.png

Mundus Vini 2014

Gold medal for Merlot Goldberg 2012, Frankovka Goldberg 2012, Premium Graševina 2006

mundus vini silver.png

Mundus Vini 2014

Silver medal for Graševina Goldberg 2012

Decanter gold 2014.png

Decanter 2014

Gold medal and regional trophy for Goldberg Graševina 2006

Mundus Vini 2012.png

Mundus Vini 2012

Gold medal for Premium Graševina and Goldberg Graševina, vintage of 2011

Zlatna medalja Selections-Mondiales copy.png

Selections Mondiales des vins Canada, 2011

Gold medal for Premium Graševina, vintage of 2009

Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet insieme, 2012

Gold medal for C. Sauvignon Merlot, vintage of 2009

Emiozioni dal mondo 2011.png

Emozioni dal mondo: Merlot e Cabernet insieme, Italy 2011

Gold for Goldberg Cabernet sauvignon 2007


Decanter World Wine Awards, London 2010

Gold and Regional trophy for Merlot Premium Belje 2008

Wine was first brought to the Croatian Danube region by the Romans during the reign of Emperor Probus, but it took until 1697 for Eugene of Savoy to establish Belje and give a whole new significance to viticulture and winemaking in this area.

Even today, more than three centuries later, Croatian Danube region and Baranja life off the wine and for the wine, specifically for one grape variety which absolutely dominates the local vineyards; Graševina.   

Graševina is the most widely spread grape variety in Croatia and in global terms it is among fifteen most significant varieties in the world. Although it is a central European grape variety numerous world-famous wine experts, among whom are Jansis Robinson and Steven Spurrier, believe the homeland of Graševina to be precisely the Croatian Danube region. Steven Spurrier even refers to Belje Vines as the world’s benchmark for Graševina wines.

The wines in Belje’s Select line are produced from carefully selected and hand-picked grapes from several newly planted vineyards and they proudly bear the title “Prince of the Croatian Danube Region”.

Wines in the Premium line are produced from grapes harvested from the sunniest rows of the best vineyards. Due to careful selection of raw material and modern technology, one can know precisely what kind of soil and weather conditions contributed to the ripening of grapes used in each individual bottle of wine produced.

Goldberg Gold Select wines are produced from grapes harvested by hand during different ripening stages. Only the best grapevines are selected from soil types without much humus, which makes the yield less abundant at times. White wines Goldberg, Graševina and Chardonnay mature for at least four months in wooden barrels.