Edible oils and margarines, mayonnaise, olive oils, spreads, ketchup

Zvijezda d.d. company can boast with its long and rich business tradition that started almost 102 years ago. All products from the Zvijezda assortment consist of natural and carefully selected ingredients of high quality, preservative- and cholesterol-free, and they are also created with the use of technology that ensures the preservation of all valuable ingredients.

Awards and recognitions


The Croatian Quality label

For Zvijezda Delicates mayonnaise and Zvijezda margarines since 2002

The first drop of edible and industrially produced oil in Croatia was stored in a barrel way back in 1916 in Zagreb. That was the “primal drop” of Zvijezda oil known to everyone nowadays and the beginning of the company's development.

The Zvijezda brands: Zvijezda (oils, margarines, mayonnaise, sauces, salads, industrial margarines and additives, ketchup, olives, canned vegetables, vinegar), Margo (margarine spreads) and Omegol (margarine spreads, oil and mayonnaise) are original recipe products.


Edible oil and margarine


Constant investments in production, safety and consumer satisfaction through a wide assortment of products, keeping up to date with leading global trends, and introduction of new flavors and functionalities have secured Zvijezda immense consumer trust.

Along with already renowned Zvijezda sun flower and vegetable oils, it is also necessary to draw attention to a wide spectrum of various oils such as pumpkin oils.

Zvijezda margarines, with a long tradition and frequent consumption in Croatian households, hold more than 87% of the market and their quality and reliability have placed them in almost every refridgerator. 


With a considerable 79% market share in Croatia, Zvijezda mayonnaise proved that the Croatian consumers are loyal to their favorite taste.

Olive oils


Special attention in Zvijezda’s assortment must certainly be paid to olive oils and olives due to a significant spike in consumer awareness about the health aspects and advantages of Mediterranean cuisine in everyday nutrition.

OL Maslina and Zvijezda Extra virgin olive oil from local oil groves represent the best oils gained through the process of cold press of ripe fruits.


Zvijezda ketchup is favourite condiment for many generations. Their unique taste and quality of production from select ingrediants have won over the palate of many fans of this popular condiment. Zvijezda ketchups rescue every bite and their variations in flavor allow them to adapt to individual needs and habits of every consumer.