Dijamant a.d.

Dijamant a.d.

Dijamant AD is the largest manufacturer of edible oils and the leading producer of margarine, vegetable fats, mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based delicacies in Serbia

Dijamant has a long tradition in food production dating to the first half of the 20th century.

Dijamant became part of The Agrokor Group in 2005, and since then the company’s operations have been significantly upgraded.

Meeting consumer needs, offering healthy food in accordance with the strictest global standards for the food industry and commitment to innovation are the main objectives the company is focusing on. Dijamant is running its business in compliance with best practices and as of recently markets new products with reduced fat content. Owing to the exceptional quality of products featuring original tastes loved by multiple generations of consumers and modern packaging, Dijamant is successful in appealing to the modern consumer.

The company is active in the agricultural sector as well, especially in the production of oilseeds, which requires good partnership relationships with farmers and developed logistics enabling efficient offtake and storage of oilseeds.

As the leading producer in the oil industry, the company has the goal to continuously invest in the development of new and the upgrading of existing products, as well as in the development of manufacturing processes, in accordance with the latest technological developments in the food industry. Numerous domestic and international awards are proof of Dijamant’s leading position in the production of oils, vegetable fats and margarine.

Dijamant AD


Vladimir Milović

Temišvarski drum 14, Zrenjanin


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