Frikom d.o.o.

Frikom d.o.o.

Frikom is the largest company in Serbia for production and distribution of ice cream and frozen food.

By providing quality products and services Frikom has set the highest standards in the production of ice cream and frozen food.

By opting for the right assortment strategy and following the latest trends, Frikom stays attuned to consumer preferences. At the same time, by implementing innovative solutions, Frikom offers top quality and carefully develops its brands so that they regularly find their place in the homes of satisfied consumers on a daily basis.

Frikom’s product range is tailored to a wide range of consumers. In addition to an extensive selection of ice cream, the company also offers frozen vegetables, frozen pastries and fish.

Aiming to become a powerful regional company in the production and sale of ice cream and other frozen products, Frikom permanently expands its selection adapting to ever-changing market preferences. In addition to being successful in the domestic marketplace, Frikom is recording promising results on international markets as well.

Frikom d.o.o. frozen food industry 

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