Konzum d.d.

Konzum d.d.

Konzum is the leading retail chain in Croatia celebrating half a century in business .

The first Konzum self-service shop was opened in Zagreb in 1957 and in 1994 Konzum became part of The Agrokor Group. 

Konzum’s recipe for success has always been to communicate with customers, recognise their needs and preferences and to follow the latest retail trends. At conveniently located shops Konzum provides the best customer service and a pleasant shopping experience in a pleasant atmosphere with the best quality products offered at a good value.

Konzum guarantees that its products are fresh, correctly labelled, and replaceable if found faulty, and stands firmly behind the quality of its K plus products.

The company has been operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2005, achieving continuous growth across all segments. Konzum has been expanding its retail network at a steady pace, creating new job opportunities, raising the quality of services and offering a varied and quality product range at favourable prices.  Konzum strives to offer its customers the ideal shopping experience. In addition to continuous enhancement and development of its retail business the company is also expanding its wholesale operations. Recently Konzum has added two Velpro centres to its portfolio, in Sarajevo and Mostar, focusing on providing customized services to professional buyers, corporate clients, small businesses and artisans.


Konzum d.d.

Slavko Ledić

Marjana Čavića 1a, Zagreb


+385 1 2482 222