Ledo d.d.

Ledo d.d.

Ledo is the largest domestic manufacturer of industrial ice cream and the largest distributor of frozen food in Croatia

In 1958 the first ice cream was produced at the Zagreb dairy plant. It was an ice cream stick named Snjeguljica (Snow White). In 1965 the company built its first ice cream production facility and called it Ledo. 

Since 1994 Ledo has been part of The Agrokor Group and since joining the Group the company has been continuously investing in the latest equipment and technology for the production of ice cream cones, popsicles and various other ice cream products offered in an extensive range of flavours. Technologically advanced storage facilities for feedstock and frozen goods, packing machines and new energy and IT equipment used in the factory today can all be attributed to continuous investment in Ledo.  

Today, Ledo is the largest domestic producer of industrial ice cream and Croatia’s largest distributor of frozen food. Therefore it is not surprising that Ledo products are found in almost every household in Croatia. With three regional centres, three Cross Docking Centres, 180 refrigerator trucks and 40 000 cooling units, Ledo guarantees delivery within 24 hours to 20,000 points of sale.

In addition to its operations in Croatia, Ledo also operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo Montenegro and Hungary.  Serbian and Macedonian market leader in the production of ice cream and frozen food Frikom has been part of The Agrokor Group since 2004 and wholly owned by Ledo since 2013. 


Ledo d.o.o. Čitluk
Industrijska zona Tromeđa bb, 88260 Čitluk, BiH
Phone: +387 36 653-120
Fax: +387 36 650 210

LEDO d.o.o. - Podgorica
CEO: Miomir Marković
Liješnje bb, 81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 20 404 700, +382 67 648 020
Fax: +382 20 404 705

LEDO d.o.o. for ice cream and frozen food trading
CEO: Jakov Baričić
Brnčičeva ulica 45, 1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče                                           
Phone: +386 1 724 75 10
Fax:  +386 1 837 12 51

Ledo Kft.
CEO: Jakov Baričić
2111 Szada, 089/3 HRSZ.                                                            
Phone: +36 28 502 150
Fax: +36 28 502 153

Ledo sh.p.k. Kosovo
CEO: Tomislav Čavlek
Millosheve pn, 15050 Obiliq, Republika e Kosovës
Phone: +381 38 565 036
Fax: +381 38 565 037

Ledo d.d. for the production and distribution of ice cream and frozen food

Marin Poljak

M. Čavića 1a, Zagreb

 +385 1 2385 555
 +385 1 2385 550