Mercator - S d.o.o.

Mercator - S d.o.o.

The largest retail chain in Serbia with its retail network comprising more than 330 stores providing services to over 300,000 satisfied customers on a daily basis.

Mercator-S, as part of the Agrokor business group, represents the largest retail chain in the Serbian market whose network, spanning over almost 100 cities across Serbia, comprises of more than 300 IDEA stores, 35 Roda megastores, 2 Mercator centres, 4 Velpro centres and one HoReCa establishment. 

Mercator is the only retailer of its kind in Serbia, running a wide range of stores, from hypermarkets offering over 40,000 items to small neighbourhood shops and corner groceries. 

In the Serbian market, Agrokor has been operating within the commercial domain since 2005, when it acquired the IDEA , and since the merger of Mercator Group in 2014 Agrokor has developed into the largest regional retail chain and now stands as the absolute leader in commerce, both in the Serbian market and the other countries in the region.

Mercator - S today holds third place in total revenues among companies in Serbia, it currently employs over 9,000 people, and provides service to more than 300,000 satisfied consumers daily.

Mercator - S d.o.o.

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