MultiPlus Card d.o.o.

MultiPlus Card d.o.o.

MultiPlusCard is not only the foremost, but also the first and only multi-company shopper rewards programme in Croatia

MultiPlusCard is the first coalition loyalty programme in Croatia launched in 2010, enabling shoppers to win reward points with each shopping.

The program gathers twelwe partners, all leaders in their respective industries: Konzum, Zagrebačka banka, Allianz, Pevec, Tisak, Kozmo, Atlas, Farmacia, Modiana, Intersport, F&F and shopping portal

The recognisable and noticeable brand has become a must-have and can be found in almost every wallet, purse, attached to a key holder or on almost every mobile phone, as it is also available as a pendant and a mobile phone application. The strengthening of the brand was enabled through synergistic effects of partnership cooperation, cooperative efforts of IT and analysis experts and the increasing loyalty of consumers, which have all been strong marketing tools enabling us to come up with offerings tailored to each user.

As of recently, MultiPlusCard members can use an additional shopping benefit by purchasing at a MultiPlusCard price in Konzum, Modiana, Intersport and, that allows them to make purchases at a discount every day.

MultiPlusCard d.o.o. company is also an operative company, a platform for successful loyalty program management in the region (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro).


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Trg Dražena Petrovića 3, Zagreb

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