PIK Vinkovci d.d.

PIK Vinkovci d.d.

PIK Vinkovci is a joint-stock company engaged in agriculture, food production and transportation services.

PIK Vinkovci d.d. was founded in 1962. In 1994 the company became part of The Agrokor Group and ever since it has been steadily expanding its production.

In addition to being engaged in agriculture and vegetable production, the company also has grain drying systems, storage facilities for storing cereals and oil crops and wheat and corn grinders. Other activities include pig and cow farming and fruit and vegetable processing and, as the company is also a registered trader, it regularly buys and sells different categories of goods.

Agricultural products are grown on fertile arable land in climate conditions ideally suited to growing corn, sugar beet, wheat, soy, sunflower and various vegetables. Part of the wheat crop and corn grown on the company’s fields and crop produced by regional producers is ground at our two mills into the best quality bread flour and grits used to make beer. With its storage and silo capacities and spacious drying facilities the company ranks among the biggest domestic companies in this industry.

PIK Vinkovci d.d.

Vladimir Džaja

Matije Gupca 130, Vinkovci

+385 32 339 730

+385 32 363 162