PIK Vrbovec  d.d.

PIK Vrbovec d.d.

PIK Vrbovec – meat industry d.d. is the leading Croatian meat industry with 80 years of tradition in the production and processing of meat products.

PIK Vrbovec has been part of the Agrokor Group, its majority owner, since 2005, when the company started intense development and has, since then, been setting record production quantities every year.

Due to high quality standards, state of the art plant and logistic centers, paired with continual investment into production expansion and development, following new market trends and a consumer-oriented business philosophy, PIK has become a recognizable brand and a market leader in Croatia.

PIK products are also exported to foreign markets, with export volumes steadily increasing.

PIK Hams, Mortadella, Dry Salami, Piko, Frankfurters and sliced products can compete with the world’s best meat products. In addition to products sold under the PIK brand, Croatian consumers are also loyal to the Sljeme brand, featuring a wide array of popular high-quality products.

The safety and quality of products is guaranteed by the implemented integrated Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety and food safety systems, as prescribed by the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, Codex Alimentarius IFS Food and IFS Logistics.

PIK Vrbovec - meat industry d.d.

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