Sarajevski kiseljak d.d.

Sarajevski kiseljak d.d.

Sarajevski kiseljak produces the best-selling mineral water in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevski kiseljak d.d. is the leading Bosnian producer of mineral water with tradition spanning over 125 years. The company has been part of The Agrokor Group since 2000, affirming its success through well thought-out investment plans directed toward modernisation, new technologies and production development. Sarajevski kiseljak, in addition to being the biggest and oldest, has also become the most modern mineral water bottling plant and a front-runner in applying forward-looking business practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sarajevski kiseljak, in addition to mineral water that is also company's leading brand, offers refreshing carbonated soft drinks under the Sky and SKI, as well as flavoured mineral water market Sensation.

In the period from 2001 to present day, significant funds were invested in production development, with products reaching maximum market competitiveness. 

Sarajevski kiseljak wins new markets every year and, in addition to regional markets, its products may be found on grocery shelves in the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other countries.

The quality of Sarajevski kiseljak products has been recognized by professional evaluation committees in both domestic and foreign markets. The International Taste and Quality Institute from Brussels recognizes superior taste and quality of Sarajevski kiseljak brands for years and has awarded the Superior Taste awards multiple times and in 2015 Sarajevski Kiseljak and Sky Cola were crowned with the "Crystal Taste Award".  

In addition, for seven consecutive years it ranked among the leading domestic and international brands in Bosnia and Herzegovina by Superbrands, an independent global branding authority, earning the reputation for having a recognisable identity, consistent quality and for providing lasting reliability. At the first Best Buy Awards held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013/2014 and 2015/2016 Sarajevski kiseljak was selected as the mineral water offering the best quality-price ratio.

In June of 2007 Sarajevski kiseljak implemented ISO 22000:2005, thus becoming one of the first regional businesses operating in compliance with the new food safety system. Four years later the company was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate as well.

With the implementation of the Environmental Management System compliant with the international standard ISO 14001 the company has shown that running a successful business in accordance with environmental standards does not result from chance, but from a well-planned strategy and good organisation.

Sarajevski kiseljak d.d.

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Kraljice mira 7, Kiseljak,

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