Super Kartica d.o.o.

Super Kartica d.o.o.

Super Kartica is the leading customer loyalty programme in the Serbian marketplace, bringing change and innovation to the business segment

Super Kartica was founded in 2013. and during the first year of its activity became the leader on the Serbian market of loyalty programs.

The multi-partner program gathers  five partners who are leaders in the Serbian market in their industries: Mercator S, NIS Petrol, Gazprom, Sberbank Srbija, DDOR Novi Sad, Mastercard®, Galerija Podova, Intersport, Modiana, Beautique, Vip Mobile, BENU Apoteka and STIHL and each of them is rewarding  members for buying or using their services.

Collecting  points and additional savings within the partner companies are the biggest benefits of Super Kartica reward program. With Super Kartica, consumers may enjoy the benefits offered by associated companies and savings through a range of products and services. Members of Super Kartica are always benefiting for collecting points every day.

In the near future Super Kartica activities will be focused on a systematic approach, monitoring consumer needs and delivering a consistently excellent customer experience.

Super Kartica d.o.o.

Jovan Solomun

​Partizanske avijacije bb, Novi Beograd

+ 381 11 4142 660