Zvijezda d.d.

Zvijezda d.d.

Zvijezda d.d. is the largest producer of edible oils in Croatia and the only producer of margarine, vegetable fat, mayonnaise and delicious mayonnaise-based products and ketchup in Croatia.

Zvijezda has been at the pinnacle of Croatia's food market for more than 100 years.

The Zvijezda, Margo and Omegol brands bespeak quality, innovation and originality and they are among the most trusted and valued products on grocery shelves.

Highly appreciated Zvijezda products are the result of years of experience, carefully selected recipes, advances in nutrition and food technology and, as such, they proudly boast numerous national and international recognitions, with the highest quality standards guaranteed by Zvijezda's steady investment in development and implemented QMS in compliance with ISO and HACCP standards. In addition to its own products, Zvijezda distributes the following products as well: ketchup, vinegar, frying oil, pumpkin oil, condiments, olives and canned vegetables. The company also distributes Belje and Livno cheeses and Dijamant products.


Zvijezda d.o.o. Ljubljana
CEO: Krešimir Staničić
Janežičeva 12, Ljubljana
Phone: +386 1 4212 920
Zvijezda d.o.o. Sarajevo
CEO: Pavle Zavišić
Rajlovačka bb, Sarajevo
Phone: +387 33 754 143

Zvijezda d.d.

Tihomir Adam

Marijana Čavića 1, ​Zagreb

+385 1 2382 666

+385 1 2370 917