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ABC Cheese Wins SUPERBRANDS Bosnia and Herzegovina Award

The Superbrands voting process involved a number of business and marketing professionals from relevant media, agencies, domestic and international corporations as well as renowned members of academic institutions and professional organizations. Along with the professional jurors, more than 20,000 brand consumers cast their votes as well, providing special significance to this appraisal.

One of the best brands selected due to their quality, recognizability, long-standing consistency and emotional ties between the consumers and a specific brand is also ABC Fresh Cream Cheese, ranked since many years among the very top products present on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ABC Cheese Wins SUPERBRANDS Bosnia and Herzegovina Award

A natural product containing only milk, cream and a little salt, ABC Fresh Cream Cheese is a favorite among consumers of all generations, as clearly demonstrated by the Superbrands Award. The secret of its freshness and full taste lies in the carefully selected ingredients and the manufacturing process which has been improved for thirty years to achieve exceptional quality and durability of the product without any preservatives or additives.