Agrokor’s new Environmental Management Policy


Agrokor Group will, on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, announce a new Environmental Management Policy as an upgrade to the first one, published in 2006 and to the Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development promulgated on Earth Day, April 22, 2002. The New Environmental Management Policy is a logical course of expansion and development of Agrokor’s business from 2006 until today, when Agrokor is the biggest Croatian privately held company and one of the strongest companies in South-East Europe.

In the previous period the Agrokor Group has expanded its range of business to specialized operations of waste management, energy production from renewable sources and sustainable tourism.

This new policy relates to the environmental management field that also includes the energy efficiency system and is aimed at two basic strategic determinants: permanent improvements in environment values and energy efficiency as well as preventing and reducing all types of pollution in the immediate, wider and global surroundings.

Aware of the influence their business activities, products and services have on the environment, all companies of the Agrokor Group give special attention to environment protection, integrating it into every strategic decision and business process of the companies. Primary goals regarding environment protection also comprise upholding legal regulations concerning the protection of nature and environment, systematic waste management, control of all emissions into water, air and soil, tracking the use of sources and energy, prevention of pollution, as well as adequate reaction in case of extraordinary situations. Additional goals include the development and strengthening of education and awareness in environment protection, communication and knowledge exchange, internal audits and external controls of the systems and also further development of cooperation with partners from the environment protection field.

“Our economic development has an unbreakable bond with the responsible relationship to the environment. We have proven this with our permanent adjustment to the demands of international environment protection standards, our application of state-of-the-art technology, as well as with systematic education and the contribution made by every individual from the Group. We try to set an example and through our actions we strive to be a guidepost to everyone in the interest of well-being, quality and healthy living, and the preservation of nature, environment and cultural heritage. This Policy is an opportunity to further improve the robust, credible and reliable environment protection systems that place Agrokor’s companies in the elite group of companies that excel in environmental protection management,” said Ivica Todorić, President of the Agrokor Group.

The Agrokor Group is a proactive member of associations for environmental protection and sustainable growth, as well as signatory to the UN Global Compact Agreement, a set of fundamental values in areas of human rights, environment, labor standards and corruption prevention. In addition, Agrokor is a member and is actively engaged in the activities of Environmental Protection Association within the Croatian Chamber of Economy, a Member of HR PSOR (non-profit organization within the private sector promoting sustainable development in the economy) as well as some other associations. Agrokor also maintains a good cooperation with the Ministries responsible for environmental protection and the leading institutions for environmental protection of every country where it operates.