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New Juicy Mango Passion Fruit Changes Winter into Summer

New Juicy Mango Passion Fruit Changes Winter into Summer Jamnica has another member in itsfamily of fruit juices; the inspiration for it was found in exotic lands, enriching the Juicy assortment by another flavor –Juicy Mango Passion Fruit. Mango and passion fruit are unusual and exotic fruits for our region and their combination is unique and a true delicacy on the Croatian market. Originating from the Indian jungle mango is recognized for its pronounced sweet taste, rich in vitamin C and dietary fibres. Thanks to its juiciness and specific aroma this fruit is known among the Hindus as «food of the gods». Passion fruit comes from Columbia, it has a characteristic flavour and aroma, and its high share of vitamin C, calcium and iron makes it not only very delicious, but also very healthy. The new Juicy juice with its full and distinctive taste changes the climate with only one sip, turning the coldness of winter into a comfortable tropic ambience.