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PIK Vrbovec meat products labeled "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS"

As Croatia’s foremost meat-processing company PIK Vrbovec is first to join the "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS" project launched by the Croatian Agricultural Agency aimed at facilitating the voluntary labeling of pork and pork products.

PIK Vrbovec meat products labeled "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS"The aim of the project is to give consumers as much information as possible about fresh pork and the new "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS" label is an additional guarantee of the origin and quality of meat. Today consumers want to know the origins of the meat they buy and eat. PIK Vrbovec always puts consumers and quality first and that is exactly why they decided to get involved in the project. For several years Agrokor has been investing in Belje and their pig farms and in PIK Vrbovec major investments have been made towards the latest technology for meat cutting and packaging operations. That way the "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS" certificate has been obtained, which is the guarantee that the meat meets the label requirements and that the entire cycle, from breeding to production, takes place in Croatia. PIK Vrbovec is proud that as of the date the contract with the Croatian Agricultural Agency was signed (February 22, 2011) all fresh pork meats packed at PIK Vrbovec have been labeled "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS" using a special symbol attached to each product. This way PIK Vrbovec once again confirms its leading position by following global trends and standards and introducing them before its competitors.

PIK Vrbovec meat products labeled "MEAT FROM CROATIAN FARMS"

In 2007 PIK Vrbovec, the largest meat-processing company in Croatia, implemented the integrated quality and environmental management system fulfilling ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP requirements, and as of 2009 the company brought its health and safety management system into compliance with the international OHSAS 18001 standard and obtained the EU export certificate number HR10.