The Agrokor Group

The Agrokor Group is the largest privately owned company in Croatia and one of the leading companies in Southeast Europe.

Quality, sustainable growth and development and corporate social responsibility are the fundamental corporate values fostered at Agrokor.

The Agrokor Group comprises food production and processing companies, retailers, agriculture companies and businesses engaged in other commercial activities.


Food and agriculture

26 companies


20 companies

Other activities

9 companies

All our corporate members participate in a vertically integrated Field-to-Table process.

History of Agrokor

Ivica Todorić founded a private firm for the production of flowers and flower seedlings.



The joint-stock company
Agrokor was registered.

Ownership shares were acquired at Jamnica and Agroprerada.



The Agrokor Group was registered.

The beginning of the construction of the Distribution Centre, the Group’s biggest investment project to date.


The Agrokor Group signed the €110 mn Equity Investment Agreement.



State-of-the-art logistics and distribution centre was opened as the backbone of Agrokor’s logistics.


Agrokor signed the Agreement on the Purchase of 53.1% Shares in Mercator d.d.









Numerous certificates and memberships in organisations prove that Agrokor is running a successful business.

Agrokor is committed to continuously preserving the environment and investing in local communities.