Requests for sponsorships and donations

Our Marketing Department receives requests for sponsorships and donations. In order for a submitted request for sponsorship or donation to be considered, the submitter has to fill out a request form.

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Since 2000 the company has invested
HRK 200 millionin sports, cultural, educational, humanitarian and other projects benefiting the community.

By fostering the principles of corporate social responsibility and through membership in numerous organisations, Agrokor permanently contributes to environmental protection and conservation.

Agrokor companies sponsor multiple sports associations and numerous clubs.

Agrokor contributes to the preservation of cultural tradition and continuously supports various events.

The Jana – Water with a Message campaign has put a smile back on the faces of many people it helped.

Agrokor supports education and child and youth development and sponsors numerous scientific events.

Agrokor supports numerous non-profit organisations and humanitarian actions every year.

Agrokor bases its policy on organised and professional system management in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.