Agrokor Academies

Agrokor Group Academies integrate the best internal and external practices. They are a blend of internal and external resources and knowledge and operate with the aim of timely and systematic monitoring of business processes and changes that Agrokor and their companies are faced with, imposed by the market, technology, customers and other participants in the company's operations.

Besides specialist knowledge and specific skills related to a particular segment of Group's business operations, the processes of monitoring and development of our employees require programs that will provide high-level answers to the needs of management and leadership skills, strategic thinking and change management, skills that are crucial for the success of all of our management lines as well as human potentials and successors that are getting ready to take over the same roles in the near future. The success of this system is evident and measurable through the successful performance of Agrokor Group.

Agrokor Academy

The Agrokor Academy is a place for creating and sharing knowledge, skills and experience of the Group employees. The Academy organizes and conducts specially designed training modules, workshops and seminars in cooperation with local and international educational institutions and educators, as well as in-house trainers, all with the aim of sharing experiences and information among employees of all companies within the Group.

Programs are focused on specific business challenges and everyday practice, in accordance with the development plans, young employees, resources and management go through the default application training, providing and overseeing the development of their careers at the company level, but also at the level of the Group.

Konzum Academy

The rapid development of retail and wholesale businesses as well as business processes in the company, especially in the segment of everyday business operations, required quick and practical training and the solution was - the Konzum Academy.

The most important feature of the Konzum Academy is the compatibility of programs with the business strategy and company development as well as a working knowledge and understanding of everyday business operations.

The Konzum Academy independently conducts training modules related to standards and procedures, standards and quality, customer and service relationship, specialized courses, modules on interpersonal and team working skills, and various other types of professional education, according to the requirements and needs of the business.

Tisak Academy

The task of the Tisak Academy is to increase the quality of service of Tisak and Tisak media as well as efficiency and motivation of the employees by improving retail system and processes. In its operations, the Academy makes the maximum use of the existing resources and knowledge of the system and employees.

Internal programs include and monitor processes of introducing new technology, knowledge and skills of portfolio and sales management, category and supply management and merchandising, and with external partners and in cooperation with the Agrokor Academy, they are focused on the development of management, resources and successors.

Wine Academy

The mission of the Academy is to bring together wine growers, wine makers and all those with a thirst for knowledge, and offer them opportunities for development and improvement of the wine profession. The Academy expands and provides its customers, business partners, employees of the Group and interested citizens, the knowledge about the wine and culinary culture.

Agro Academy

The Agro Academy is intended for employees of the Group's agricultural companies, subcontractors and all concerned institutions. The main objective of the Agro Academy is organizing and implementing a quality and professional training in the field of agriculture, continuous improvement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of agriculture, transfer of the best domestic and international practice, transfer of knowledge and skills on the introduction and application of leading-edge technology in agriculture and the presentation and implementation of the top achievements and highest standards in agricultural production.

Idea Academy

Investment in education and training of employees, as well as development of their competences, is the core of the Idea's business strategy, thus the role of the Idea Academy is to promote and implement continuous professional development of current and future employees, who will, as leaders of the change process, contribute to improving the performance and success of the company.

Investing in the Academy is a long-term investment of the company, aimed at positioning as a regional training center for the professional development of Idea employees, as well as the Agrokor Group employees in Serbia, and ultimately, a place that will contribute to the dissemination of culture of continuous learning and development on the Serbian business market.