Agrokor education systems

Agrokor Group employee education systems are being permanently improved to monitor business and individual needs, follow the outlined development, innovation and change strategies and ensure continuous corporate and individual growth and development.

Our employees attend graduate, postgraduate and MBA studies and different professional and specialist programs at the best Croatian and world institutions. They also attend conferences, seminars, workshops and professional meetings in the region and the world.

Besides the above stated, there are also other intensive forms and methods of acquiring new knowledge, such as working with renowned experts and consultants, participating in intersectoral and intercompany projects, changing job positions (vertically, horizontally and between companies).

We enable our employees to gain world’s best practices from all areas, important not only for their individual development, but also for the development of our companies and the Group in general.

In their strategic and everyday connection with business operations, Agrokor Group education systems set new and higher standards in the management of processes and all available resources, the ways of managing and implementing changes, and generate individual and corporate knowledge that contributes to our success.