Human Resources

Human resources are one of the key resources having a direct impact on the business expansion and development of the Agrokor Group. Today we have almost 60,000 employees in more than 30 companies throughout the region. 

As the leading regional food industry in both retail and wholesale business, Agrokor is a unique organization that clearly emphasizes its mission thus attracting, employing, motivating and developing human resources as the fundamental driver of its current and future success. The size, diversity and dynamics of our expansion require qualified managerial and specialized staff of various profiles and Agrokor is the company that provides opportunities for ambitious employees, eager for knowledge and success. We offer young people many career development opportunities, provided that they are willing and able to respond to the demands and dynamics of business, as well as dedicated to the work, personal development and the company's mission.

The result is employee satisfaction, a positive organizational climate and culture that values ​​and appreciates success in all areas. This has also been confirmed by surveys which have shown that Agrokor is considered one of the most desirable employers not only in Croatia, but throughout the entire region.