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From field
to table

With a business model linking agriculture and production we ensure our customers enjoy a wide range of fresh domestic products. Through our strong distribution chain supplying a network of modern retail stores our buyers are provided excellent service and budget-friendly grocery shopping.

Logistics and distribution


The Agrokor Group companies' production is based on the traceability of each food ingredient

We grow:

  • wheat
  • barley
  • rapeseed
  • sunflower
  • soy
  • corn
  • sugar beet
  • winter wheat
  • alfalfa

35,000 ha of own agricultural land and 35,000 ha in agricultural cooperative

35,000 ha of own agricultural land and 35,000 ha in agricultural cooperative

520,000 t annual agricultural production and 390,000 t in agricultural cooperative

Annual agricultural production of 520,000 t and 390,000 t in agricultural cooperative

8 beef cattle farms 25,000 beef cattle

11 dairy farms 6,300 dairy cows

18 pig farms

250,000 t of cattle feedstock
produced annually

34% of the Croatian cattle
feedstock market

31% of the Croatian pig
farming market


2,236 ha of vineyards

15,8 mil. l of wine produced annually

227 ha of olive orchards

160 t of olive oil produced annually


By producing healthy, quality and innovative products we honor tradition and consumer preferences

Oil and margarine

annual sales

Oil - 27,400 t
Margarine - 11,900 t
Mayonnaise - 4,400 t

Oil - 52,400 t
Margarine - 14,600 t
Mayonnaise - 4,600 t

Bottled water
soft drinks

annual sales

Carbonated mineral water - 162 mil. l

Non-carbonated mineral water - 127 mil. l

Carbonated mineral water - 56,6 mil. l
Carbonated soft drinks - 61,9 mil. l

Carbonated spring water - 2,4 mil. l
Non-carbonated spring water - 3 mil. l

Carbonated mineral water - 30,1 mil. l

Ice cream and frozen food

annual sales

Impulse ice cream - 5,850 t
Take-home ice cream - 10,100 t

Impulse ice cream - 7,900 t
Take-home ice cream - 5,900 t

Meat production and processing

annual sales

Fresh meat and processed meats - 100,000 t

Cheese spreads

annual sales

Cheese spreads - 3,600 t
Semi-hard cheeses - 4,000 t

More than 100 store brands

Logistics and

Our state-of-the-art equipment, logistics infrastructure and strong distribution network ensure timely and reliable delivery of fresh products to end consumers

2,700+ commercial vehicles

104,000,000 km driven annually


7 times around the globe per day

67 wholesale centers

19,000 buyers


Our network of modern and functionally equipped retail stores enables us to provide our buyers excellent service and budget-friendly grocery shopping

almost 2000 stores

more than 1,000 kiosks

We operate a network of most advanced and innovative kiosks in the wider region


buyers per day

Every 4th citizen of Croatia

Every 4th citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Every 7th citizen of Serbia

Over 5,000 store brand products

more than 1,340,000 users of Croatia

more than 950,000 users of Serbia

more than 800,000 users of Slovenia

more than 310,000 users of BiH

This process ensures
the availability of fresh ingredients of the highest quality at favorable prices.

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