A New Refreshing Hit - Jana Orange Papaya

A New Refreshing Hit - Jana Orange Papaya All Flavored Jana fans will soon be surprised by a new interesting combination of two fruit flavors – Orange and Papaya. The refreshing taste of orange combines ideally with the light, yet exotic taste of papaya, also known as the fruit of paradise. Papaya is also referred to as tropical melon because its taste resembles that of melon. It is mostly cultivated in South America, India and Africa and is rich in vitamins and nutritive ingredients, which is why alternative medicine enthusiasts have considered it to be a true healer for centuries. In addition to providing all benefits of Jana spring water and enabling all-day hydration, JanaOrange Papaya also provides an interesting low-calorie alternative for everyone who wants to avoid high-calorie sugary beverages. This heavenly delight is now available on Earth!