A007 awarded the silver SAP Quality Award in Innovations category for Abrakadabra

A007 was awarded the silver SAP Quality Award in the Innovations category at a ceremony held in Prague for the implementation of Abrakadabra online e-commerce platform that was carried out with the application of technological solution SAP Hybris Commerce. SAP Quality Awards is a recognition to users who have advanced their business by successfully integrating SAP software solutions and therefore accelerated, simplified and reduced costs for business processes, in order to ensure significant business advantages to their companies.

SAP Quality Awards in the Innovations category is a recognition for Abrakadabra online mall, first regional online e-commerce platform that is based on SAP Hybris Commerce technological solution. With the implementation of this solution, Agrokor has set a strategic foundation for sustainable transformation of its business according to the challenges set before companies by the digital era.

“User demands for a better shopping experience are constantly increasing and we have to help them reach the necessary information when they need them.” said Hrvoje Kraljević, CEO of Abrakadabra. “With the application of SAP Hybris solution we have built a platform that sets a new standard in shopping experience and in this way places the satisfaction of our users in focus, who in return, have awarded us with greater loyalty and support.”

Some of the Agrokor Group companies are already using SAP Hybris Commerce but the application in Abrakadabra platform is a strategic step that opens a completely new business segment for the company in order to unite the processes and connect the stores, the customers, partners and numerous Agrokor brands. Agrokor can, with the help of this solution, offer to its customers various types of shopping as well as further differentiate its brands and position itself as a leading e-commerce company in the region. The SAP Hybris solution was implemented for Agrokor by mStart and Netconomy companies.

“The retail world is constantly changing so we must constantly be at the service to companies who are in this business and help them improve the shopping experience – through all channels and in every moment.” said Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at SAP hybris software.

The first results of the SAP Hybris application are exceptionally good and will therefore be used in further improvements of platform and as a basis for the development of new business models, expansion of product offer and the entrance to new markets, first of all those in Slovenia and Serbia.