In late evening of Thursday, February 5th, at the Aqua Expo 2004 award ceremony in Paris, Jamnica's Jana Strawberry/Guava was awarded an EAUSCAR for the best flavored water. Jamnica CEO, Ivica Sertić, received the award on behalf of Jamnica. An international expert jury gave Jana the prestigious award among thirty of world's most famous waters. This is the third Oscar Jamnica has won in just a year - the first one at the Aqua Expo 2003 for Jamnica, its natural carbonated mineral water, and the second one in July for its corporate web pages. Aqua Expo is the biggest European fair dedicated to water, and it has been held for the fifth consecutive year. This the second year the award is handed out, which makes it that much more valuable seeing as it was won in France, the leading manufacturer and exporter of mineral, spring and flavored waters. This global acknowledgement confirmed Jana's exceptional quality, of which we are very proud, proving that Croatia has an export product of high quality, now certified by prominent experts from around the world - in France, the motherland of waters. This was Jana's first step toward the global market. Awards for the best world achievements in the "Bottledwaterworld Design Awards" in seven categories are distributed here as well. In a competition of 21 countries and 81 applied works, Jamnica's disposable 0.75L and 0.25L glass bottles, created by Agrokor's Corporate Promotion and Design Department won a high second position. As for the TV/cinema campaign category, Jana's TV ad entitled "Jana in Town", made by BBDO Zagreb advertising agency, also took the second place.