Agrokor and NineSigma sign a cooperation agreement on Open Innovation project


Today a 1.5-year Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Agrokor Group and NineSigma, one of the world's leading companies in implementing the Open Innovation concept. On behalf of the Agrokor Group the Agreement was signed by its CEO Mr. Ivica Todorić, and on behalf of NineSigma by its CEO for Europe Mr. Rick Wielens. „Through investing in the cooperation with NineSigma Agrokor and its companies get access to the world's greatest network of innovators and a knowledge pool ramifying throughout a variety of industrial branches and technical disciplines. With this investment we have started to adopt a new innovation strategy – Open Innovation, which will continuously be strengthened and implemented through all of our business processes with a view to strengthening our own research and development capacities, integrating new knowledge, expanding the product portfolio by innovative solutions and successfully responding to competitive challenges,“ Mr. Ivica Todorić said on the occasion of presenting the project.

„The practical part of implementing the open innovation concept is based on the idea to „reach for the whole world“ in finding a solution to one's own problem. The solution may be in another industry or technical discipline anywhere in the world. Today there are intermediary companies representing virtual laboratories, in the form of IT platforms, with a huge number of experts and scientists involved; this is more brains pooled together than any individual company can afford to have on its payroll. Member companies looking for solutions present their problems through the intermediary. One of the world's leading intermediary companies is our partner, NineSigma,“ said Mr. Tomislav Smolić, Ph.D., Executive Director of Agrokor for Research and Development and Head of this Project.

Agrokor and NineSigma sign a cooperation agreement on Open Innovation project

„NineSigma shall be working with Agrokor and its companies to precisely define concrete problems and requests to be made to the global innovation network. It will also actively participate in selecting the best innovative solution offered and defining the optimum means of cooperation between the innovators and Agrokor – whether the potential cooperation be in the form of a license purchase, consultancy, research project or any other type of cooperation. Amongst others, NineSigma's clients are Kraft Foods, Unilever, Philips, Siemens and many other global companies,“ Mr. Rick Wielens said.

The process of innovation is not static, it keeps changing and expanding continuously and reaches into all spheres of the business environment, particularly in today's world of globally accessible knowledge. The products' market cycles are getting shorter and shorter, innovative companies ever more important and good connections to external partners and consumers have become key. Ideas, knowledge, technologies and skills beyond our own capacities thus become available and this is the only way to quickly and efficiently respond to the needs of an ever more demanding market.