The President of the Board of the Agrokor Group Ivica Todorić and the President of the Board of Podravka Darko Marinac today signed an Agreement on the electronic exchange of business messages. The Agreement signed is yet another one in a series of cooperation projects successfully run by Podravka and the Agrokor Group, enabling a faster, more accurate and simple flow of information between the two companies. Following worldwide trends in the application of state-of-the-art technologies, by introducing e-business facilities Agrokor and Podravka have made a significant step forward in improving their own business systems. By exchanging knowledge and experiences and using synergies, both companies shall make their operations more efficient and use the available business resources better, improving their competitive positions and realizing better business results. The first exchange of business messages has been established between Konzum and Podravka and it is planned to expand the exchange to the other companies of the Agrokor Group. By following the development trends in e-business and the integration of applications, an open technology - the web service technology - has been selected as the applicable technological solution in all environments. Established at Agrokor, this system in practice searches through Konzum's order base and sends new orders to Podravka via Internet. Podravka receives the order, saves it in its data base without further processing and delivers the ordered goods to Konzum. The implementation of e-business relieves employees and reduces the possibility of making mistakes. Working on the project together with their teams were Mladen Kovačić, Director of New Technologies Development at Podravka and Marina Šimunić, Head of the Internet/Intranet Support at Agrokor. The successful completion of this big project is amongst others the crowning feature of the years-long research of Agrokor's expert team and the scientists from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences about the possibilities of implementing e-business environments. By this Agreement both companies shall achieve more efficient and faster operations along with reducing costs. Podravka and Agrokor are the first not only in Croatia, but in this part of Europe, to succeed in establishing a data exchange between two companies that are completely heterogeneous in IT terms. The Agreement should also be a platform for other partners and customers of both companies, as we want to be the first in applying new technologies in the area of e-business as well.