Agrokor as the main sponsor of the Croatian Handball Federation

Agrokor and the Croatian Handball Federation signed a new Sponsorship Contract today in Zagreb, on the premises of the Agrokor Group. Ivica Todorić, president of the Agrokor Group, signed the four-year sponsorship contract on behalf of the Group, and Željko Kavran on behalf of the Croatian Handball Federation.

Agrokor as the main sponsor of the Croatian Handball FederationThe signature of this Contract will continue until 2012 the successful co-operation between Agrokor and the Croatian Handball Federation which began in 2003. In that period, the world handball champions and Olympic winners will continue to wear recognisable features of the Agrokor Group on their outfits, and the sponsorship co-operation also includes advertising rights and other promotional and marketing activities of Agrokor. With continuing success in sports over each of the five years of previous cooperation, the Croatian handball team has become the best national example of a successful sponsorship co-operation which has turned into a real economic-sports friendship. After winning the 2003 World Championship in Portugal, the Olympic gold in Athens a year later, second place at the 2005 World Championship in Tunisia and at the European Championship in Norway at the beginning of 2008, the Croatian handball team members have become the country's pride and role models for many young athletes following their footsteps.

Agrokor as the main sponsor of the Croatian Handball FederationInvesting in young athletes and offering the assistance they need on their path of professional development is one of the fundamental baselines and features of Agrokor Group’s socially responsible business. Top sports results are the fruit of years of hard work and dedication, requiring financial aid as a necessity. It is precisely in this segment that the strong connection between Agrokor and sports has developed, and this partnership forms its best confirmation as one of the longest and strongest co-operations of the Croatian Handball Federation. "In addition to our sports successes, we are proud of the fact that Agrokor, the biggest and most powerful company in Croatia, supports handball and the Handball Federation, and will continue to do so by improving our working conditions as well as fostering the arrival of new golden handball players.We hope that we have contributed to our biggest sponsor being proud of us and our success," said Željko Kavran, president of the Croatian Handball Federation, on the occasion of signing the sponsorship contract.