Agrokor becomes member of FoodDrinkEurope

As of today Agrokor has become a member of the prestigious organization rallying Europe's food industry businesses

At the ceremony held in Zagreb today the Agrokor Group and FoodDrinkEurope signed an accession agreement on Agrokor's direct membership in Europe's association of food manufacturers. The Agreement was signed between Mrs. Mella Frewen, Director of FoodDrinkEuorpe and Mr. Ivica Todorić, President of the Agrokor Group.This is a great opportunity for the further development of not only Croatian, but regional economy as well. Through its membership in Europe's food producers' association Agrokor will actively participate in creating new foreign investments and thereby new employment.Agrokor becomes member of FoodDrinkEuropeOn the occasion of signing the Agreement Mr. Ivica Todorić, CEO of the Agrokor Group, stated: "Agrokor recognizes its active participation in the FoodDrinkEurope association as an opportunity to open new markets and increase exports of the entire food production. This is certainly an important step for Croatia, also for the whole region, as Agrokor is the only regional company to herewith join Europe's renowned producers and will be able to use its active role to promote the regional industry and encourage the development of agricultural and food production and thus the entire economy of Croatia."Mrs. Mella Frewen, Director of FoodDrinkEurope, said on this occasion: "Being aware of Agrokor's position as the region's leading company, we believe that its membership in Europe's umbrella food industry organization will provide additional impetus to its role in strengthening the economy and increasing employment in the region and in that sense it will enjoy our full support."The signing was also attended by Mr. Željko Ivančević on behalf of ECS Brussels, a Brussels-based company providing EU-related consulting services.Brussels-based FoodDrinksEurope is the largest association of food industry producers, its members being small, medium and large European food and drink industries including 25 National Federations, 18 leading global food and drink companies and 25 sector organizations.