Agrokor calls upon creditors to report their claims no later than 9 June

Agrokor and all the companies in the Group have published on their websites today an invitation to creditors to report their claims, as well as the accompanying procedure and documents according to Law for the Extraordinary Administration for Companies with Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia. The creditors are invited to report their claims to the Extraordinary Trustee within 60 days since the Extraordinary Administration procedure over Agrokor was activated. The timeframe for claim reporting started on 10 April  2017 and lasts until 9 June 2017. Aiming to conduct the claim application process as effectively as possible and recognizing that there are numerous creditors involved, as well as the fact that many Agrokor Group companies are included in the extraordinary administration process, precise and tangible procedures for claim application were published on Agrokor’s homepage .

In order to conduct the claim application process in a fast and efficient manner, creditors are called upon to contact the companies from the Agrokor Group against towards which they have claims to harmonize the amount of opened claims on the date April 9th 2017. In case that the creditors have claims towards more than one company from the Agrokor Group, they are kindly asked to conduct a separate harmonization of claims as well as a separate claim application for each of the companies. After the harmonization of accounts, the claim application can be made. Official forms are available on the company’s website (Agrokor and individual Group companies) for both processes. The creditors are also invited to send the documentation to the following address: Agrokor d.d., Trg Dražena Petrovića 3, Zagreb with the label “report – for extraordinary trustee” in two copies, one of which will be used for the purposes of the Commercial court in Zagreb. In case of any operational level questions by the creditors, contact information for individual company are published on every company’s website alongside the documentation.

The extraordinary administration had emphasized several times that all Agrokor’s suppliers, regardless of their size, have an exceptional value in the preservation of mutual system of values as well as the realization of future business plans of both Agrokor and its companies. Today’s invitation to Agrokor creditors is a crucial part of the process that will define the total level of debt with the aim to stabilize operational activities, support business planning and restructure the Agrokor Group. During the process, every effort will be made to approach all suppliers equally and will be based on partnership, understanding and agreements, that will benefit all parties.