Agrokor companies at SIAL

Sial 2.jpg

Agrolaguna, Belje, Jamnica, Ledo, PIK Vrbovec and Zvijezda presented their products at the international food exhibition SIAL in Paris

Six companies from the Agrokor Group – Agrolaguna, Belje, Jamnica, Ledo, PIK Vrbovec and Zvijezda, presenting alongside the Croatian Chamber of Economy, presented their products from October 16th to 20th  at the biggest food exhibition in Europe – SIAL Paris. This was the 51st traditional SIAL exhibition that hosted 7.000 exhibitors from 100 countries and had more than 155.000 visitors.

Representatives of Agrokor companies successfully presented their products and brands and have acquired important business contacts with potential new export markets. Agrolaguna presented their Ol Istria, Vina Laguna and Sir Špin branded products, winners of numerous international quality awards. Belje also presented their prize winning wines, Baranjski kulen and ABC fresh cream cheese. Jamnica company’s favorites for SIAL presentation were Jamnica and Jana water. Zvijezda, Margo and Omegol brands were at the focus of Zvijezda’s presentation, while Ledo and PIK Vrbovec showcased almost a complete range of their products.

“Expanding business by opening new markets is vital to having successful business in the future and therefore exhibitions such as SIAL make excellent opportunities to start new or strengthen existing international cooperation. By attending this year’s, and several previous exhibitions, we are convinced that Sial is the right place to position Agrokor companies in the international market. With the contacts and partnerships that we made we will additionally strengthen the platform for future success in exports, one of the key components of future business operations for Agrokor production companies.”, said Jasna Mikačić, Export Marketing Manager in Agrokor Group.

Numerous innovations in food industry raised additional interest at this year’s SIAL, as well as trends that were set and that will become benchmarks for future business of companies.