Agrokor continues providing relief in flooded areas


Companies from the Agrokor Group are donating half of million kuna worth of food and hygiene products

Following the information about food shortages in the flooded areas, Agrokor promptly reacted and activated its internal resources to immediately send a new shipment of food to families in the Županja area. After providing help and donating citizens in flooded areas during the previous year, the Agrokor Group and its member companies continue to send new amounts of food and hygiene products to areas that are still recovering from that natural disaster. Due to currently predominant need for food, Konzum, Jamnica, PIK Vrbovec and Zvijezda will deliver today 34 pallets of food and hygiene products, while Ledo will add 2 million tons of frozen vegetables and fish. The total financial value of the donation is half of million kuna.

By coordinating with the Red Cross in Županja, the stated aid will be delivered to the Red Cross warehouse in Županja, after which it will be distributed to families listed by the Red Cross. As the largest Croatian company, Agrokor and its members will continue providing assistance to citizens of our country who suffered from the floods.


Agrokor’s engagement thus far in providing relief in flooded areas:

Konzum and the Red Cross providing relief in flooded areas in Croatia

The Agrokor Group and its member companies donate 6 million kunas so far, donations to continue

In just two days, more than 300 pallets of supplies for the flooded areas of Croatia donated at Konzum stores

First phase of the “Helping together” initiative completed