Agrokor continues strong investments in PIK Vrbovec


In 2013 the strong three-year investment cycle in PIK Vrbovec was completed, its total value amounting to HRK 300m. The investments were primarily aimed at increasing capacities for the production of PIK cut meats, ham, mortadella and packaged fresh meat and greatly contributed to strengthening the company's leadership position on the domestic market while additionally penetrating foreign markets.

The Agrokor Group's total investments in PIK Vrbovec since 2005 amount to HRK 1.1bn, whereof by the end of 2013 HRK 300m were invested in the new factory for durable sausage production, the cutting plant and the finished product storage and further investments are planned with another HRK 50m per annum.

Particularly worth noting among these investments is certainly the „White Room“, accommodating the processed meat product cutting plant, which is one of the reasons why PIK gained its leadership position as a company creating trends on the Croatian market. PIK's cut meats are cut in highly hygienic conditions and a controlled microclimate, which is comparable to the most modern operating rooms. It features special washing and disinfection programs, microbiological air and room analysis and casing disinfection at the entrance. It is due to such conditions in the “White Room” that the quality of PIK cut meats increased, while keeping all their organoleptic properties and microbiological stability. 

PIK packaged and cut products are identical to fresh products in quality, freshness, taste and pleasant scent, and offer the advantage of reducing the time consumers would have to spend queuing at the delicatessen counter and being easy to use when preparing a meal. Cut meats are the fastest growing category of processed meat products, and with PIK Vrbovec being the absolute market leader in this category, it makes sense to invest in increasing capacities. For example, the production of cut durable and semi-durable products was tripled last year as compared to 2011. 

This segment is growing because its advantages were recognized by both retailers and consumers. Retailers benefit by having products that are always fresh and of equal quality in their assortment allowing them to place the product in refrigerators and decrease queues on the delicatessen counter, while consumers save time when buying their favorite sausages, hams or some other irresistible PIK cut meats that are of equal quality, freshness, color, taste and pleasant scent.

Just like during previous years, investments were made in 2013 to increase production capacities of hams and mortadella that are recording great results both on the domestic and foreign markets due to their quality. Increased production capacities allow PIK Vrbovec to make stronger entrances onto foreign markets. PIK’s products are winning over consumers both in CEFTA and EU markets where PIK is present with its Panona brand. For example, in Hungary it has a great cooperation with Spar, with Tesco in Slovakia, and as of last year it is also exporting to Slovenia. 

State of the art technology that places PIK Vrbovec in the group of most modern European companies along with PIK’s experts who prepare meat delicacies according traditional recipes while following trends and developing new, innovative products allow PIK to continuously guarantee quality to their consumers and to justify their trust.